Jan. 21st, 2017

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I skipped my usual Saturday morning engagement, a little headachy and just, I dunno, I just do it every week I don't have to do something else, but unh-uh.  Maybe if there weren't the detour on Stadium.  The combo of having to get dressed in a hurry and then drive around that--- just a little thing.  Hell, who knows.  Why all the wondering why.  I skipped it, and that was good.  And had yogurt and cheesy popcorn for breakfast, once my appetite finally woke up.  And the TV?  When I turned it on there was that new president fidgeting through the cantor's call to prayer, lookin' like he couldn't believe he has to do things like squirm through this crap.  I wandered out of the room for a few and when I came back, it was all images of people in the streets.  LOTS of people in the streets.  Lots of pink hats and sweeping helicopter shots in 4-way split screens with names of cities in them.

It doesn't mean we're not in for a terrible time.  But it's so encouraging.  And I've seen people in streets before and it hasn't led to the end of the protested injustice at hand.  Yet it's encouraging, to me.  I feel encouraged.  Or a combo of relieved and a few solid inches off the ground of beaten down.  Something like that.

Now I'm gonna get the dog out to run, and then put the pink-ish flowers on the Jeep and drive us past the local marchers, at least.  Maybe we'll get out and walk with them.  It's an option.  Then the prep for the second chorus show.  I'm ready to be really tired tomorrow, as if I were in DC today, like I woulda been, back in the day.

Hello, lj people.

I'll get back on the postcards soon.
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I couldn't help myself--- went to the Diag for the local rally. Took the dog. When little kids came up to pet her, I told 'em it was the first protest Lu's ever been to, and most of 'em said "Me too!"

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