Jun. 22nd, 2017

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Yep, late last night, after I got home from the auditions for chorus director and discussion afterwards, and had walked the pup and was getting ready to hit the hay, I heard her making funny noises, and it looked like she was chewing on something.  "Drop" didn't work, but that isn't surprising, cuz when I reached in her mouth the thing that felt like a piece of twig or firm straw under her tongue turned out to be a needle, and when I removed it it brought with it a foot and a half of embroidery thread, wet & gooey, out of her throat.

A cat had knocked the pin cushion on the floor.

I usually secure sewing things ridiculously well.  Sigh.  Anyway pup seems okay.  Had to feed her something and stay up half the night watching her, after calling the vet.  Crossing fingers against intermal bleeding.

I really do have to keep an eye on that dawg.
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