May. 2nd, 2017

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That was somethin', man.

Today my doggie had an unexpected adventure.  I don't even know what all she got up to.  It was all in the house, but she's still recovering, sapped, tho maybe finally over the apparent freaking out of it.

Had to park out on the street again this evening, cuzza the ducks hanging out in the driveway.  Who'm I to make them move?  They seem like they're feeling peaceful, and I like their acting like they're welcome here.

This past week has been, for a friend of mine, a tumultous life-changer, with trauma and betrayal and a chaotic aftermath and fear and confusion.  It's been intense, witnessing her going through it.  It's hard to see her having to experience such a thing, and to have some tough days ahead for a considerable hunk of what comes next in life.  Also it has stirred some kinds of awareness in me, in ways I haven't yet really gotten a hold on, but it feels like some clarity is appearing, clouds parting, for me.  This coincides with a stretch of over a week with pretty good mobility for me, and my maybe having found my new primary care doc, and somehow self-care coming easier than it often (or usually) does.  I don't know if that stuff'll keep going, but I like it.  It sucks that there's something about my friend's crisis that seems to be helping me, in some weird way, and of course I wouldn't have wished this thing on her.  I guess part of it is seeing and kind of gut-feeling some of what it is, in me, that interferes with my taking care of myself, or/and misleads me on what I want, or stuff like that.

There's also been a flurry of chorus-related stuff emerging today.

So many reminders lately of the width of the spectrum of extents to which people are considerate, do their share (or a share), try to be good citizens, try to be givers as well as takers, etc.  Radical acceptance means accepting that some people are users.  Radical acceptance means accepting that unacceptable things happen, and that their consequences need to be dealt with.

One more quick outside with the pup now, and time to hit the hay.  Here's to a night of konked-out refreshing sweet deep sleep.
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