Mar. 24th, 2017

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I kinda can't wait to get back out there in it.

Not sure I have the energy to make the animation program at the film fest tonight.  It starts at 9:30.  Didn't sleep much last night, and feel sure I'll konk out by then, but once the sun goes down, I dunno, ....

I posted an ad over in [ profile] vintage_ads today that I've saved since my early teenaged years & recently came across again.  It's the guy I thought was probably the most attractive guy I'd seen (a picture of).  I think it was mostly the deep brown eyes---brown eyes add such a rich flavor to being drawn into someone's gaze, yes?---but I'm sure having enough hair was somehow a prerequisite.  It was the '70s.  In the '70s they even made actors in period pieces depicting shorter-hair times have long-ish hair, at least, cuz otherwise they wouldn't be cool looking, duh.

Here's the guy--- click on him to go to the x-reffed post, and click on him again there to see him even bigger.  (I think it's worth it.)  (He looks happier bigger.)

crush guy smaller.jpg

There may be an unfortunate resemblance to that Magnum P.I. guy, but let's not talk about that.  Nor the fact that he may be a sot.  Or whatever we would have called that in the '70s.  Instead let's talk about how happy I am to have an expanding and mutable sense/range/experience of what's attractive:  I am very happy about that.

If I get a text back sometime soon, I may go have social crack fries on my way home.  These are crack fries you have as a social opportunity, not fries that are associated with a social crack.  Not so very long ago I mighta headed to a metal mesh table on Main Street for a $10 martini, on a day like this.  Or just the mushroom caps and water, maybe.

If it's not social crack fries, I think it'll be some dog destination we haven't been to lately.  Just cuz.  But gotta get on it.  It's a-gonna stohhrm.  ("stahm"?)

Alright, a little more work now.
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