Mar. 13th, 2017

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Rather put me through the ringer, if you will.

This evening I sat in a chair with sleeping animals around me and watched one of my favorite movies, which would've surprised younger me to find older me so fond of, but it has so many touching moments and so many comic moments and such a style (in its world of its own, and the mise en scene!), and its affection for its subjects and for classic wordless comedy is practially palpable.  But I think my favorite thing of all in it is the sublimely sweet relationship at its core.... )

I was so jarred/knocked today it didn't even occur to me until a few minutes ago to check the two online auctions I have going.  There was good news there:  my large lot of postcards now has bids (yay), and my grandmother's doll jumped over a HUNDRED BUCKS from where it was.  Turns out it's a more valuable old doll than I'd thought it might be.  Tomorrow I'm going to try to open her head.  One of the many strangers talking to me about her now has some very specific tips for how to get into her noggin.  When it comes time to ship her, it seems the best safety measure to protect her delicate eyes is to stuff her skull with crumpled tissues.  There also may be some markings there that could confirm the suspicion that she's an early Kestner, whatever that means.

I'm kinda looking forward to peeling off her hair ("wig"?) and finding out what can be found out.

And I'm looking forward to the return of the Fargo TV show next month.

And I'm looking forward to more evenings watching old or new favorite movies, and more sitting around surrounded by sleeping animals.

And I look forward to the possibility of tomorow not kicking my ass like today did.
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