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It's a Lou Reed song.

Oo-oohhh, new sensations
Ooohh ooohh, new sensations

Talkin' 'bout some new sensations
Talkin' them new sensations

I took my GPZ out for a ride
The engine felt good between my thighs
The air felt cool -- it was forty degrees outside

I rode to Pennsylvania near the Delaware Gap
Sometimes I got lost and had to check the map
I stopped at a roadside diner for a burger and a Coke

There were some country folk and some hunters inside
Somebody got theirselves married, and somebody died
I went to the jukebox and played a hillbilly song

They was arguing 'bout football as I waved and went outside
And I headed for the mountains feeling warm inside
I love that GPZ so much, you know that I could kiss her

Oooohhh, new sensations
Ooohh ooohh ooh-ooh-ooh ooohh ooohh, new sensations

Talkin' 'bout your new sensations
Talkin' new sensations

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I did some going through papers at my desk at work today, making a stack of various healthcare/insurance things I've been putting off dealing with, looking for the papers that show my pup is up-to-date on shots and such, gathering up rubber bands to plunk a handful into the disposable plastic food bin we collect 'em in.  Etc.  I tossed a lot of paper into recycling, but not all of it.  One tri-folded piece turned out to be a letter, in ballpoint, from whose lines I could feel the enthusiasm still jumping out, in its mash-up of cheerleading, advocating, vowing and celebrating the possibility of pursuing exactly what I wanted too.  It was so alive and present, I can't believe how lost it is, how lost it seems.  It shouldn't be possible.  It strikes me as some kind of core wrong.  And this is a problem for me.  This mind-fuck.  That ink, looking fresh.  The staring into the face of the drugs, the fix.  The reality of it, the coming to grips, and yet the reality of it now.

There's this thing about being in the moment, and that's that the moment includes other moments.  So I feel my feet flat on the floor, and the weight of my palms on either side of this Macbook, and I hear the airplane buzzing in the air outside, and some of that air wafts in past the fan and swirls across my face, and now a burp rises up my esophagus and comes forth in a modest brupp of expulsion, and I feel and note and concentrate on these parts of now.  But other moments are also in this one.  And moments, it turns out, I find, in my aging, do a tesser act.  Time morphs.  Distance in time ain't linear ruler regular math.

I folded the page back up, and hope it will do that trick on me again, agonizing tho it is.

Now me and the pup are gonna go to the car wash and one or two stores with dog stuff.
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It occurs to me that that I could very likely rank the women I've loved in order of their likelihood to position themselves next week to witness the total eclipse.  And each is more likely to witness the totality than the movie.  But the odds are very low of my running into any of them at either.

Denz, you're not missing much with that film, particularly in terms of Yet Another Cluster of Guys Attacking Protagonista, and yet another tedious 5 minutes of smacking, flipping, punching, stabbing, shooting, hurling, toppling, tossing.  Ho fucking hum.  It goes so far it wholly undermines the fun of the movie:  the style, fun to look at, and the evocative atmospherics, and even the music.  But the music, which takes a body back ---  well I know you would think of me.  I know you would think of one weekend, and me, und es war so süß, wie es von dieser Kaleida verlangsamt wurde.  Ich hoffe, irgendwo, hörst du diese neue Platte. Mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut, wie du weißt, aber:

Frau, wer hätte das gedacht
Dass es einmal soweit kommt
Und jetzt sing' ich ein Lied für dich:
Denkst du vielleicht g'rad an mich,
Da diese Gedank' zusammen liegen
Wir denk' an uns und lass' uns fliegen
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It was a year ago today that I posted the first Postcard of the Day.  Here, by way of
thumbnail index and commemorative retrospective, are all your favorites from the
past year, and then some.  As usual, click for bigger.

If you have a favorite or two, or a few, let me know?
Happy anniversary, Postcard of the Day!

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